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The legend of Dralion. Elizabeth Segoviano. Escritora mexicana. Cuentos infantiles en idioma inglés. Leyendas infantiles en inglés.

Nothing is eternal, only time ... altough ... sometimes, just sometimes there are acts that survive everything and become legends, this is one of those few deeds that have vanquish eternity ... the legend of Dralion.

Beyond where the sun sleeps ... hidden among worlds that we can only imagine, was born a long long time ago, a colosal dragon with hard golden scales and the bluest eyes ever. His voice was deep, sweet, peaceful, and capeable of calming the storms, blizzards and the roaring sea.

Dralion used to spend days and days wandering the galaxy, admiring the beauty of the stars, naming them all and talking to each one of them to know their stories –where do they came from? What was their purpose? Wich were their dreams? ... what was laying deep within the heart of a star? ...

So, day after day, night after night, and flaying from star to star, the good Dralion became the guardian of the deepest and sacred secrets of all stars. He knew very well why, what for and where stars where going, why and by who they had been created (but that, is another story) And as a guardian and as a dragon he swore to protect them until the end of times.

But one day on his customary route, the colosal dragon noticed that one of the most beautiful and gigantic stars of all, called Sun. was deeply sad, the Sun stood in silence, with his eyes lost on the horizon, and little by little his light began to fade. Dralion knew something big and very important was happening (altough ... even the tiniest event can be huge in a star´s life) and very slowly the dragon began to get close to the Sun, because contrary to what we might think, stars can very shy and keep to them selves.

At first the guardian just sat dawn on one of those meteorites in plain silence, later he sat down closer, and closer ... and closer ... and the closer he got, the curiouser and curiouser the Sun gazed at him. And just like that they began to spend a lot of time, in silence, next to eachother ... we could say that Dralion was listening to the Sun´s silence ... yes, because even in silence we can say many things. That was how the dragon noticed the Sun became brighter and his fire grew stronger everytime a huge white rock rised up in the horizon, that was the satelite of a planet called Earth, and her name was Moon, and she blushed everytime she looked at the Sun.

But then the Sun turned really sad, he looked down and sighed ... then the dragon knew it, the Sun was in love with the Moon!

- My dear friend Sun –said Dralion– your heart sighs for that Moon, you should go with her.

- I can´t –said sadly the Sun-

- Why not? All stars travel , all of them join other stars

- Do you see that planet over there, far away? The blue one?

- What about it?

- In that place there´s a lot of life, and all of it is beautiful, and fragile, very fragile, if I went away, they would not be able to exist, everything in there needs me ... and, I need them too, I have seen them grow, I know each story, each large or small creature, each leaf and flower ... just like you know all stars, just the way you love us and give us your protection, that´s the way I love them, and the Moon is also their guardian, she knows all of their dreams, she can calm down their every fear. They are really unique creatures the ones who dwell in that place! Humans think are so strong, but the thruth is they don´t like to be alone, and they don´t like darkness either, they are so happy when I rise up and hold them and calm them down, and I tell them that I, from high above am always by their side ... oh no! I could never ever leave them Dralion! They are my protégé!

After that converstation the dragon went away, he flew to the Earth and he saw it all, admiring its changing beauty and watching carefuly all people, and then, he saw it, those creatures of flamboyant behavoir were like sunflowers, all of their lives revolved around the warmth and light of the Sun; but not only that, in those creature´s eyes and smiles were the same shinning the Sun and the Moon had. So Dralion went to the peak of the highest mountain and began to chant this words “ over water, over skies and beyond the sea, among stars, over time and without hesitate, may the gates be open to show the signs, for a minute, or a sigh and nothing more, a life and a dream may be fulfilled, by the power of my voice, by the strenght of my soul, by all the secrets I am the bearer off, I ask the universe that time to time the Sun and the Moon can live their love”. Right after chanting those words, something incredible happened!

The noon got dark and the Moon apeared majestic over the sky covering the Sun with a hug that only let his shinny silhouette show, together just like they have always wanted to be, to tell eachother all their secrets, to kiss their cheeks, and to be one over the blue sky of that planet they called home, the miraculous encounter only could last for a few seconds ... but even just a few seconds are more than enough when a dream becomes true.

Well, this is the legend of Dralion, the dragon that occasionally becomes a kind of cupid everytime that awesome miracle we, creatures of flamboyant behaviour call “eclipse” ...

But now that you know what an eclipse really means, please smile next time you see one, because in our smiles we wear the light of our beautiful guardians, because we are made out of Moon and Sun.

The end
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