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The chemist. The best medicine for sadness is the happiness of a happy child.

Por Lydia Giménez Llort. Cuentos en inglés

The chemist. Escritora española. Cuentos en inglés con traducción al español.

"The Chemist is a 'Oyakudachi Children’s story' dedicated to my nephew Bruno Muse, born in Etiopia, and to all the children around the world that bring happiness to our lifes".

Lydia Giménez Llort

Versión en español: La farmacéutica

The chemist

Once upon a time, in Madrid, there was a very busy chemist store.

They sold cough syrups, painkillers and band aids for the scratches.

The pharmacist served everybody very kindly and gave good advice to maintain their health.

One day her grandmother called her from the village and asked:

- "My dear, don’t you have anything to make me feel better?"

- "What happens, grandma?" –the granddaughter asked.

The grandmother was sad because the days were gray and there was no sun.

The pharmacist searched in her big shop but she did not find any useful remedy.

Then, she searched in the big book of medicines but she did not find anything either.

But then, one day she heard of a distant, very distant place…

Where the days were always sunny, and at night, the sky was illuminated by thousands of Stars.

There, some children were born with a gift: ¡To take the happiness characteristic of their homeland wherever they went!

So that, the pharmacist and her husband went on a long trip looking for such a gift.

And since the old lady is a great-grandmother, the days are colourful.

Her days are full of happiness.

There is no better medicine for sadness than the happiness of a happy child.

The end.

The chemist es un cuento corto de la escritora Lydia Giménez Llort © Todos los derechos reservados.

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