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Cuento e ilustración de Elizabeth Segoviano. Cuentos cortos en inglés

Astral letter

When I was a little girl I met a gypsy woman who offered to read my luck on a mysterious night of waxing moon. And among the soft cinnamon candle light, lavender incense and crystal balls, she read to me the sea shells, the runs, the cards, the tea, the Chinese coins, my hand (the right one first ... and then the left one too) she read my aura, she took a picture of it and consulted her oracle. She asked me to take my shoes off and she even read my feet.

I was a little scared and I asked for an answer, was my life in danger? My bad luck was going to be too much? But the gypsy woman with her shinny earrings that tinkle like tiny bells was only smiling. Then she pulled out of an old wooden chest a piece of parchment paper, a little jar containing ink, a ruler made of crystal, a pair of silver compasses and the shinny feather of a white raven.

I was hypnotized watching that mysterious woman tracing very carefully a big circle and then a smaller one, and a few marks and fine lines crossing; and, each time the lines touched, the gipsy woman simply mumbled, nodded and smiled.
Finally I asked her to explain to me what she called my astral letter.

- There will be great obstacles in your life ... they will be hard to overcome, you will come to know great sorrows, and your eyes will shed lots of tears, you will know the meaning of pain and how hard it is to grow up- said the gipsy-

- Is that all that says my astral letter? – I asked anxiously– is there nothing good written on it? Don’t have I a single lucky star?

- That’s life for us all my little one – said she with a kind smile– what is written on your letter is that you will have hundreds of stars, all of them huge, beautiful, shinny, there are stars that will cross your path and will light it up, those stars will help you to face all obstacles, those stars will teach you to be happy and will dry the bitter tears you may shed, they will turn them into tears of joy. With all those stars above your sky any pain that you may face will come to a relief and you will discover that growing up is also something beautiful.

- But, how will I know the stars you are talking about?

- That’s vey simple, each star will be a friend of yours, each friend will guide your way and help you growing up, they will help you to be strong, to smile, to be better and happier, even when you find yourself in distress, even when all your friends are far away, you will feel them very close to you and they will be caring even you cannot see each other, because there is no better lucky charm in the world than the name of our friends in our lips.

- Will I have many stars on my sky?

- Hundreds! All of them different, all of them so precious.

That night I bid Farwell to the gipsy woman with my astral letter on my hands, and, since then, I love to watch and count stars ... all of them under my very own sky, each one of them my priceless, precious lucky charms.

The end.


Cuento infantil en inglés sugerido para niños a partir de nueve años.

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