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The coffee Mill. Cuentos en inglés.

nino bosque

Ones upon a time there was a child named Jonathan who lived nearby a Coffee Mill.

Every afternoon, after coming from school, his mother send him to pick up some fruits in the forest to prepare her sweet dry fruits for sale because they were very poor. But sometimes Jonathan lied to her, claiming that he was sick, because he simply didn’t want to go. One afternoon Jonathan was picking up some fruits in the forest, when he heard someone calling him, -! Jonathan! When he turned back he could see somebody hidden behind a plant’s trunk. That, was a kid, wearing a strange garment. He was using sharp-pointed shoes, a brown coverall and a narrow hat with some feathers on the side. His ears were also sharp-pointed.
Jonathan chilled out and started to rum away from that boy. When he was running he heard the boy calling him
“! Jonathan! Come back, I won’t hurt you; I just want to talk to you and give you a gift. Jonathan heard that and stopped running, the boy got out from behind the trunk and approached to him.
“I’m not lying to you I have a great gift for you, but I can’t give it to you right now, but if you really want it you shall come back tomorrow and go to the abandoned coffee mill and there you will find me.

He then started to run and hid back behind the trunk, Jonathan followed him and when he searched behind the plant nobody was there.

The following day Jonathan woke up early and went to school like he was used to everyday, but he continued to think about the gift he was offered. When he came back from school at noon he took a warm bath and had lunch. His mother called him
“Jonathan, take the basket, go to the forest and bring me the fruits but this time you must be careful about the lying goblin
“ The Lying Goblin? “Asked Jonathan”
“Yes the Lying Goblin it’s a kid who lives in the forest by the old grinder, he wears sharp-pointed shoes, a coverall and a hat with feathers on the side. Nobody trusts him because he is a big liar.
Jonathan couldn’t believe it; he became aware that this was a boy who was talking to him just yesterday, however he didn’t tell nothing to his mother, because despite everything he still wanted his gift. Jonathan grabbed the basket and went to the forest to search for the fruits, but when he was there picking up some peaches he began to think about the gift and then he decided to run to the old mill far in the distance.

He ran and ran grabbing the basket and when he finally got to the mill he searched and searched around but he didn’t see anybody, he was disappointed and when he was ready to go back to picking up the fruits he heard his name to be mentioned from above
“Jonathan don’t leave, I have your gift here with me “the other boy said stepping down the dusty old stairs, as Jonathan was anxious waiting.
When he approached to Jonathan the boy was carrying something in his hand.
“What do you have in your hand “Jonathan asked”
“That’s your gift “he replied” open your hand and I will give it to you
Jonathan opened his right hand and the boy –placed on his palm an old and dusty coffee bean
Jonathan got upset
“I thought that it was going to be a real gift –he said- you lied to me –Jonathan shouted- no wonder why people don’t trust you anymore and call you the Lying Goblin -insulted Jonathan-
“It’s not a lie –responded the little boy about to be crying, because he felt very hurt by Jonathan words- what I have given to you is a real gift, it is not a regular coffee bean. It’s a magic coffee bean.
“I don’t trust you –Jonathan said getting ready to leave back to picking his fruits.
The strange boy turned even sadder and started to cry and he finally confessed.

“You have to trust me! A Fairy godmother turned me into a Goblin, because I used to lie until I got used to lying everyday and now nobody trusts me. But I was given a second chance to mend my mistakes and now ten people have to trust me, if I want to go back to normal and have my regular body again. And you are the person number 10th. If you trust me the sorcery will end and I will be a regular child again –the boy finished saying with tears running his eyes.

Jonathan got closer to him he didn’t want to see the boy suffering and he decided to give him a second opportunity.
“And what is going to happen if I trust you?
“If you truly believe me the coffee bean in your hand will turn into gold and
The fairy godmother will come back to break down the sorcery and after she leaves all the coffee beans that I have gathered in the pot will also become gold and they shall be yours.

Jonathan was amazed by the story. The boy took him inside the grinder and showed him the other old coffee beans he had in a pot
“Now grab the bean in your hand –the boy said- close your eyes and think that everything that I am telling you is true and the coffee bean will turn into gold.

Jonathan trusted him at heart, he squeezed the seed with strength and when he opened his hand again a bright piece of gold was shinning on his palm.
“It’s true –Jonathan said astonished.
At that very moment the lighting image of a beautiful blond fairy godmother appeared in the room lighting brightly everything. She touched the head of the boy and all the rare garments disappeared right away and he was dressed with regular clothes and his ears were no longer sharp-pointed. Before leaving she said to him.
“You won’t lie again and you shall see that every word coming through your mouth will shine as gold with the truth, like the coffee beans.
and everybody will expect your last words to know the truth. And then she disappeared in the air.
The boy was very happy, he took the pan with the coffee beans that were now of pure gold and gave it to Jonathan.
“This is your gift and thank you for trusting me –he said, and started to run out screaming
Joyfully that he no longer was the Lying Goblin
Jonathan returned to his house convinced that he will never lie again. He gave the gold to his mother and told her everything that happened.
His mother was happy to know that Jonathan will never lie again and she used the Gold to start the most colorful  and cutest Sweet fruit store of town and they lived happily ever after.    The End.

The End

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