Dibujame, Lydia Gimenez Llort, escritora española. Video sobre los niños que esperan ser adoptados y los adultos que les brindan cuidados y amor.

Hay muchos niños que dejaron de ser bebés pero todavía guardan la esperanza de encontrar un nuevo hogar temporal o de adopción.

Hacen de hermanos mayores cuidando con verdadero esmero a aquellos que por ser más pequeños tienen el destino más cercano. Ellos, mientras tanto, ven gente que llega, les ayuda, pero inevitablemente les dice adiós.

Sin embargo, el hogar es un centro donde todos son una gran familia y entre todos aprenden a que hay que tener esperanza.

‘Dibújame’ es una bellísima canción interpretada íntegramente y con arreglos musicales de Tony Sender.

Yo sólo le he dado una pequeña pincelada en el texto para adaptarlo a la voz de un niño ‘ya mayor’ para convertirla en un canto oyakudachi a la adopción.

(Nota: La canción que se escucha es la versión original). Este videoclip está dedicado a esos niños mayores y todos los cuidadores/as que les dan amor incondicional ayudándoles a mantener la esperanza.

Gracias a aquellos padres que un día dieron verde manzana, rojo pasión y destellos de azul a su hijo/a.

Música de Tony Sender / Letra adaptada para Oyakudachi con consentimiento del autor / Fotos: Fotolia

Summary in English:

This love song is written and sang by my cousin Tony Sender www.musicamp3.com/tonysender

I just adapted some few words to make it feel like the dreams/feelings of a pre-teenager wishing and waiting to be adopted. Many children are still waiting for a new home while those which are younger (babies) have better chances. Still, their caregivers help them to keep the hope.This ‘adapted version’ is dedicated to both of them. The song says something like this: ‘There’s only white in my cambas and a yellow colour in my hands, that kind of yellow made after so much time spent waiting for… I feel alone, I only can wait that you fill my soul with your paintings. Give me hope with a ‘green apple’, dress me with love with a ‘red of passion’, ‘starring blues’ will give me some peace.

Take me with you, I want to be happy …Make a drawing of me, like those done by mad painters, you’ll discover new tones in your skin, mix the colours only in my heart. Please, don’t let this moment to fly away, it is for us…Don’t say goodbye…Let me try to hug you, and to give you a long-lasting kiss…My tears will make you feel the rivers of solitude in your skin…If you give me your hand, we’ll fly together to new worlds to discover. Only looking at you, that will be more than enough, no need to add any word…Just take me with you, I want to be happy!.»

Thanks to all those parents who decided to gave ‘green-aple’, ‘red-passion’, ‘starring-blues’ to their child!

Tony, your song has such a ‘wide’ concept of love that just changing some few words it is a wounderful call to adoption of ‘pre-teenagers’. Thank you! Your heart is so big!! Kisses.

Music: Tony Sender / Adapted version with agreement of the singer / Photos: Fotolia


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