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The song of the whales. Elizabeth Segoviano. Writter from Mexico. Poetry in English.


Dedicated with great admiration to the brave members of the sea shepherds.

Protect us all, just like the sun almighty does. Look after us, just like the moon and the stars do.

Set us free, we just want to sing our song to the wind .

Speak for us, because we cannot speak the language of men, but we do have a voice, we do have a message, just listen to our prayer!

Fight for us, because even though we are strong we cannot defeat the harpoons and the ships.

Love us, just like the earth does.

Don´t forget about us because we are part of you.

We are one under the sky, we are one with the ocean and the tides ... please don´t do us any harm.

Please be our shelter, be our keeper, be our home, be our friend, be our freedom ... and listen to our song travel in the wind.

The end
To find out more about whale conservation and the sea shepherd organization please visit

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