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The message. Escritora de México. Poesía en inglés.


    Not so long ago a little dove came through my window with a tiny letter tied up to it´s paw; when i finished my reading, a butterfly stepped on my shoulder and whispered the same message to my ear.

Then, I looked up to the sky and the same words were written with clouds.

And, later, when the night came I saw a falling star and she told me to spread those words to all the souls that were thirsty of truth ... and this is the message :


When the sun rises up almighty above the horizon, a little seed will become a tree.

When the sun rises up shinning gently over the leaves, a little bird will learn to fly.

When the sun rises up way up high in the sky, the deep dark blue sea will turn bright, and golden waves will bathe white shores

When the sun rises up, more stars will be secretly born far beyond.

Now, tell me little girls and little boys, when the sun rises up what will you become?

Will you grow strong like the trees?

Will you spread your wings and fly side to side with all the birds?

Will you shine like golden waves going round and round the world?

Will you go high and higher everytime to reach for new born stars?

Well, let me tell you a little secret ...

When the night fades away and the sun rises up to gently open your eyes, you can be anything you want to be!

You can be stronger than trees, and fly higher than any bird, or to shine dazzling light over thousands of stars, because everything is possible if you let the sun rise up inside your heart.

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