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Por Elizabeth Segoviano. Poesías en inglés.

Christmas Time. Escritora mexicana de cuentos y poesías infantiles. Poesía en Inglés de Navidad.

Christmas Time

Christmas Time - Poesías en inglés

Red candles for love...

Love for our parents, our siblings, our friends, and those souls we haven´t met yet.

A pine tree full of colorfull lights...

Lights to remind us we are never alone, because we are loved from far and beyond.

Fresh mistletoe...

To give and receive tenderness, not only now, but forever.

Ginger cookies, roasted chestnuts, hard candies and pieces of sweet chocolate...

To keep in mind it´s okay to be childish, to taste again those days when we could be amazed by new toys, magic, miracles and snow flakes.

An honest prayer in our lips...

One that comes from the deepest place inside our hearts, words to thank the greatest gift we all have received... yes, it´s life indeed!

Old Christmas songs spinning in our heads...

Songs to awake those memories from yesterday, songs to make dreams for new days, songs to renew our faith.

Frozen wind dancing around us...

To take a deep breath, to feel the winter and embrace our loved ones... even with a frozen face... yes, even looking like Rudolph the raindeer with it´s big red nose, because frozen kisses and hughs are always welcome, they´re never enough.

A big window and an open mind ...

To maintain our inocence for one more year, so we can look up to the sky and wish upon falling stars to have another chance to believe again.

To wish upon every star to enjoy another Christmas  once again.

A squishy pillow and a warm blanquet...

To deeply fall asleep so we can´t notice when Santa creeps in to leave our gifts.  but a good ear to wake up as soon as we hear his melodic “ ho ho ho!”and wave him goodbye as we watch him fly across the sky.

Because there´s no other time like these, so full of wonder, sweetness and peace ... it´s Christmas time folks! Let´s play, and wish, let´s enjoy and dream, let´s hope we all can live a merry Christmas eve.

The end

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