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To call out the moon. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesías infantiles en idioma inglés.

To call out the Moon you don´t need to be a scientist, you don´t need to be crazy or wild, not even good or bad.You just have to be yourself and call out her name. And you´ll see how she will follow you from dawn to dusk.

You may think she will go away with the first ray of sunlight and she´ll forget all about you, but the Moon is not like that at all.

The Moon is like you and me, she is playful, stubborn, hard headed and sweet, oh! but a loyal friend indeed! Call her out tonight and you´ll see how she comes running to your window to sing you all sort of lullabies so you can dream happily everynight.

You will see how her soft tender light is capable to scare away all the monsters in your head, and even those who hide under the bed.

Call her out during the day and if you don´t see her, way up high in the sky, then look around and you will find her winking at you from the milk bowl of some naughty kitten; or perhaps, she might be tangled up in those drawings you just threw away.

To call out the moon you don´t need any money, or strange complex machines.

To call out the moon it´s enough for you to say her name, and she will happily come to you and she´ll hold your hands and light them up with the glitter of thousands of suns, and every star you´ve ever known.

The Moon will tell you stories of the seven seas and ancient legends from distant lands.

You will know the most beautiful songs that the wind has sung to the roses and clouds. She will tell you about her friends, the unicorns, and about the enchanted valley they live in.

If you call out the moon, she will be forever your faithful companion. And you´ll realize how she comes to you everynight right on time, in case you are afraight of the dark. Because the moon is like you and me, curious, adventurous, naughty and sweet, she is a gentle princess who´s looking for a place to hide inside your head where only you and her can play.

A place where you both can play and dream, without anyone to tell you that flaying is impossible or that stars can´t and should not be reached.

The Moon knows that is a lie, becasue if you call her and become her friend there won´t be anything impossible for you on your way. Because if you call out the moon she will be yours and noone will take her away from you.

The end
Elizabeth Segoviano ©2012 all rights reserved

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