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The everyday warriors. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora Mexicana. Poesías para niños en idioma inglés.

There are many legends of heroes, legends of fantastic creatures and their incredible adventures ... but

I know one that is much better, the legend of the everyday warriors ... they may seem ordinary, but I can assure you they are more than extraordinary.

The everyday warriors are strong and courageous, are fearless and nothing makes them loose their nerve.

I am sure you have seen them ... gee! I know you even live with them!

They normally come in pairs, one with beard or mustache and the other one with pretty shinny long hair, and believeme when I say they are willing to do anything to make you happy and safe!

The everyday warriors don´t fight dragons of five heads, but they can deal with mean teachers, or evil classmates and even help us solve the math homework or creepy cience projects on a sunday night. and they can even fight the traffic as soon as they get out of bed.

The everyday warriors don´t wear shinny armors and swing sharp swords in the air, but they become superheroes with superstrength, and they can read your mind at light speed if you feel sad, scared or get sick.

The everyday warriors would give their own lives for you without hesitate ...

They would shield you from all dangers, fight any evil and take you to bed with a happy smile on their face.

You can be sure of my words, because, little ones, the everyday warriors are known as MOM and DAD.

The end
©Elizabeth Segoviano Copyright 2012

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