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Let dreams be your wings. Elizabeth Segoviano. Writter from Mexico. Poetry about dreams.

let dreams be your wings

Let dreams be your wings and they will take you higher than you´ll ever imagine. You will be a bird made out of lightnings and fire … and your silver feathers will make jealous the moon.

Let dreams be your wings and your home will be the whole wide world and then you will conquer all mauntain tops. Let dreams be your wings and you´ll ride on blizzards and storms to tame each star you´ve ever seen, to own the night and make it bright.

Let dreams be your wings and there will be no cage that can lock you in, because you are powerful, unstopable, indestructible, a real wonder, you´re unique!

Let dreams be your wings to take you across all skies and don´t be afraight to go higher, and higher… higher than the wind! and higher than the sun and further away! To the end of universe an back! because you´ll be a bird of dazzling light. And no darkness will ever dare to set upon you if you give yourself the chance to dream and let those dreams be your wings.

The end

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