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Dreams be my wings. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesías en inglés. English poetry

Dreams, be my wings, take me to distant shores where all fears turn into hopes.

Dreams, be my wings, show me places where the light never fades and a thousand angels would hold my hands.

Dreams, be my wings, lift me up ten feet above the ground and show me what it means to be wild and free, show me the meaning to be one with the wind.

Dreams, be my wings, take me far and take me away, to meet hearts that are pure and kind, let me be friends with all souls who aren´t afraight to go side by side with all the birds.

Dreams, be my wings, fly me to the stars, let me cross the whole universe and back to find out my purpose in this life.

Dreams, be my wings, help me discover how good and amazing I can be, let me find out why the world is a better place just because I´m alive, and I am me.

The end
©Elizabeth Segoviano Copyright 2012

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