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When you fall asleep on Christmas eve
You will have the sweetest dreams you`ll ever dream.
Ten thousand angels and fairies will come to you, and they will sing the lullabies they sung the day you where born.
The purest light of the norten star will bathe your eyes
And you will hear the nine magic reindeers flaying across the skies.
The most beautiful snowflakes will fall at your feet
While Santa Claus quietly creeps in.

He will eat the cookies you left for him
And drink the glass of milk, as he leaves all the gifts and toys you wished.
While you are still drifting away in the land of dreams Santa Claus will make sure you are happpy and safe, cozy and warm and very much loved.
So when you wake up on Christmas day you´ll be the happiest child on Earth.
So be good, and be kind, be gentle in your touch and be gentle with your smile.
Speak only words of love, charm, and fun, spread your light, be patient and sleep tight because good children are rewarded all year long …
And a bit more on Christmas day.

The end
Elizabeth Segoviano © copyright 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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