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Calling all angels. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesía infantil en inglés

All angels hear my call.

Across oceans and time, sunlight and stars come to me when you hear my voice.

To look after me and the ones I love.

To teach me to be the very best I can be To light my way, every night and every day. All angels hear my call. Come to me from heaven above.

Please watch my sleep. Make me dream only beautiful things. Give me the strenght to be fearless, wise, funny and sweet.

All angels hear my call.

Touch me with your feathered wings. Grant me the grace to be smart, kind and free.

To give all my friends a word of advice, a hugh of confort and honest smiles.

All angels hear my call.

Take my hand and the hands of those whom I love, and show us what it means to be loved from heaven above.

All angels hear my call. Please never leave us alone. Always give us a sign that you are watching over us.

Angels, hear me out, and come with us to play, to dream and sing from down to dusk.

Angels, please bless our days.

The end
Elizabeth Segoviano ©copyright 2012 all rights reserved

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