Los mejores cuentos para chicos en inglés, cortos y largos. Recursos de lectura sobre literatura infantil y juvenil para padres, docentes y niños: cuentos con rima, reflexiones, leyendas, fábulas y más. En esta sección de lectura de cuentos encontrarás material educativo adecuado.

The scary monster

The scary monster The scary monster. Rocío Cumplido. Cuentos infantiles en ingles. One night a year witches and demons go out to walk a bit, but when I was six I didn’t want to go

Sancho moves to America

Sancho moves to America. Rocío Cumplido, escrirtora española. Cuentos infantiles en ingles The first rays of sunshine were coming into Ashley’s bedroom, but Sancho had already been awake for hours; he could not sleep well

Pirotin’s treasure

Pirotin’s treasure Pirotin’s treasure. Liana Castello, writter from Argentina. Ilustrated and translate by: Elizabeth Segoviano. There are many stories about pirates and treasures. pirates with an eye patch, scarfs on their heads, wooden legs and

Astral letter

When I was a little girl I met a gypsy woman who offered to read my luck on a mysterious night of waxing moon. And among the soft cinnamon candle light, lavender incense and crystal