Los mejores cuentos infantiles en inglés, cortos y largos. Recursos de lectura sobre literatura infantil y juvenil para padres, docentes y niños: cuentos con rima, reflexiones, leyendas, fábulas y más. En esta sección de lectura de cuentos encontrarás material educativo adecuado.

A promise it’s a promise

0.0 00 A promise it’s a promise A promise it’s a promise. Elizabeth Segoviano, written from Mexico. Story about an elf. Stories in english. This is the story of a little elf named Jim, who […]

The dream catcher and the star makers

0.0 00 The dream catcher and the star maker. Writter from Mexico. Story about dreams and stars. “Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds, there´s a place where dreams are born”. Beyond the very last horizon, […]

Coloured Glasses

0.0 00 Coloured Glasses – Cuentos en Ingles de Maria de Roman Arenas Linux Pardinux was the best counselor Mariana could ask for (regarding issues of vision). As a good lynx he was really sensible […]

The little great adventure of Sneezer

0.0 00 -Even the smallest creatures can have great stories, and perform incredible deeds- … that was what Sneezer used to think, he was one of the last existing great dragons … well, to be […]

Flor ran out of letters

0.0 00 Flor ran out of letters es un cuento de fantasía de la colección cuentos en inglés de la escritora  de cuentos infantiles Elizabeth Segoviano sugerido para jóvenes. Flor was a girl, she was […]

Astral letter

0.0 00 When I was a little girl I met a gypsy woman who offered to read my luck on a mysterious night of waxing moon. And among the soft cinnamon candle light, lavender incense […]