Christmas lights

Christmas Lights. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesía de Navidad. Frozen wind brought the winter in And with it the happiness and joy of the holiest day of all All around the city little Christmas lights […]

Time to wake up

Time to wake up. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesías en inglés para niños. It´s time to wake up sleepy heads! The moon is long gone and night has lifted it´s dark veil. Forget about the […]

Las Horas Contadas en

Las Horas Contadas en Julio Casati, escritor y locutor argentino. Mucho más que un programa de radio: un espacio donde la palabra y la escucha son protagonistas. Un encuentro entre amigos. Como dice Julio, […]

Un cuento desordenado

Un cuento desordenado Un cuento desordenado. Liana Castello, escritora argentina. Cuentos infantiles con rima.   “Y colorín colorado, este cuento ha terminado” ¡Caramba, esto está mal! ¡Comencé por el final! Empecé todo al revés, faltó: […]

Let dreams be your wings

Let dreams be your wings. Elizabeth Segoviano. Writter from Mexico. Poetry about dreams. Let dreams be your wings and they will take you higher than you´ll ever imagine. You will be a bird made out […]

The song of the whales

The song of the whales. Elizabeth Segoviano. Writter from Mexico. Poetry in English. Dedicated with great admiration to the brave members of the sea shepherds.

Christmas Time

Christmas Time. Escritora mexicana de cuentos y poesías infantiles. Poesía en Inglés de Navidad. Red candles for love … Love for our parents, our siblings, our friends, and those souls we haven´t met yet. A […]

There is nothing to be afraid at night

There is nothing to be afraid at night. Escritora de México. Poesía en inglés. If your heart goes restless and scared when the sky changes from bright to dark, let me tell you my darling, […]

The message

The message. Escritora de México. Poesía en inglés.

Christmas day

When you fall asleep on Christmas eve You will have the sweetest dreams you`ll ever dream. Ten thousand angels and fairies will come to you, and they will sing the lullabies they sung the day […]

Christmas light

There’s a Light on December that brights up everyone`s faces. There’s a Light in the stars that will heal all broken hearts. There’s a Light shining upon children spreading dreams of innocence. Is the Light […]

Little elves

Little elves on Christmas eve Dancing and feasting like little pigs. Little elves on Christmas day Singing and laughing all the way. Little elves on Christmas night Chanting Oh Holly Night. Little elves kissing under […]

A friend’s prayer

Oh heaven above! Let my friends be always sheltred and loved May they never know the meaning of loneliness and grief. Let them feel the grace of the universe within. Let them know my arms […]

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