Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel   Hansel and Gretel. Cuentos infantiles clásicos en inglés. Literatura. Hard by a great forest dwelt a poor wood-cutter with his wife and his two children. The boy was called Hansel and the […]

Cat and mouse in partnership

Cat and mouse in partnership es un cuento en inglés del gato y el ratón de los escritores famosos Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm. Cat and mouse in partnership. (El gato y el ratón hacen […]

The little great adventure of Sneezer

-Even the smallest creatures can have great stories, and perform incredible deeds- … that was what Sneezer used to think, he was one of the last existing great dragons … well, to be honest, Sneezer […]

Flor ran out of letters

Flor ran out of letters es un cuento de fantasía de la colección cuentos en inglés de la escritora  de cuentos infantiles Elizabeth Segoviano sugerido para jóvenes. Flor was a girl, she was barely seven […]

Astral letter

When I was a little girl I met a gypsy woman who offered to read my luck on a mysterious night of waxing moon. And among the soft cinnamon candle light, lavender incense and crystal […]

The scary monster

The scary monster The scary monster. Rocío Cumplido. Cuentos infantiles en ingles. One night a year witches and demons go out to walk a bit, but when I was six I didn’t want to go […]

Halloween night

Halloween night Halloween Night. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poema de Halloween en idioma inglés. Ilustración de Elizabeth Segoviano. Comeone comeone! I summon you all! In this magical night of windy fall! Little monsters, witches, hollow […]

Sancho moves to America

Sancho moves to America. Rocío Cumplido, escrirtora española. Cuentos infantiles en ingles The first rays of sunshine were coming into Ashley’s bedroom, but Sancho had already been awake for hours; he could not sleep well […]

The legend of Dralion

The legend of Dralion. Elizabeth Segoviano. Escritora mexicana. Cuentos infantiles en idioma inglés. Leyendas infantiles en inglés. Nothing is eternal, only time … altough … sometimes, just sometimes there are acts that survive everything and […]

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