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When do stars shine the most?

When do stars shine the most? Liana Castello, written from Argentina. Transleted and ilustrated by Elizabeth Segoviano.

Dindon was a little joyful inquisitive elf. He was amazed and touched by every single thing. He was sensitive and very curious, he was making questions all the time, and not just that. If he wasn´t please with the answer, he kept on asking and asking over and over again. Dindon lived with his parents, his two little sisters and his grandpa called Dondon.

The grandpa was really really old, he was much much older than Dindon could imagine, because it is said that elves live for really long time. Because Dondon was so old he could barely see, despite his thick glasses, and it was really hard for him to walk even with his cane. Grandpa and grand son were great friends.

The little one noticed that with every passing day his grandpa could do a lot less things than before. He felt like litle by little Dondon was going off. Many times Dindon thought that his grandpa one day would not be with him anymore, and something inside of him began to tell him that it was not long before that moment would actually happen.

Sad and worried, Dindon talked to his mom. His mom traying to find the right words explain to the little elf that in this world we´re living in, nothing last forever, flowers one day wither, the tree leaves change from green to brown and then they fall, the rivers can go dry, and people can die.

That was exactly what Dindon did not want to hear at all, but that was the truth, and his mom could not, and did not want to lie to him.

- Dindon, there are very few things that will always accompany us. And one of them is the soul of the people we love and have gone, the love we gave, and the one they have given us, and another thing are the stars. Is not that stars are eternal, but it´s shine seems to be eternal, and it actually is for our short existance compared to theirs.

Dindon understood very well what his mom was traying to say, eventough he didn´t like to hear it. in other moment he would have asked something, but this time he prefered not to do so. - Nothing is eternal Dindon, nature changes, people are gone, that´s why it is so important to seize every moment. We most enjoy every single detail of life, we have to apreciate the shine of the stars each night life gives us.

The little elf kept in his heart her mom´s words, and mean time he accompanied his grandpa every moment and shared with him every single thing he could. He wanted to obey his mom and enjoy each little moment with his great friend, even though he realized his star was going off.little by little It is not easy to understand that somebody will not be with us ever again, and it is harder to understand that for a kid, but that´s the way it is, death is part of life, and to be able to understand certain things , we have to see them with love, even if they hurt.

What we really should understand is that the person who leaves us, does it only in a fisical way, and that their love, their soul and their shine will go on forever in our hearts. This doesn´t mean we won´t miss them, but their absence will hurt a little bit less. The feared day finally came.

Dondon departed from this world, leaving Dindon with a huge void in his heart. Dondon didn´t leave sad, it was the opposite, he had lived a very long and beautiful life. He had loved and felt loved by everyone else, he had apreciated the fragrance of the flowers, the freshness of the grass, and the shine of the stars too. It was really hard for the little elf to accept his grandpa´s absence, but he tried to help himslef out by remembering the words his mom said to him, the ones he kept on his heart.

And each night since his grandpa had died, Dindon used to look up to the sky. Each night since Dondon had gone the little elf began to noticed the same thing: there was a star that shone more than the others, as if it was brand new. The little elf could not understand what that new star had to do with his grandpa´s death, so he asked his mom about it.

- mom, when do stars shine the most? –it seemed like his mom could read into Dindon´s heart, and with her sweet voice she explained–

- my little son, there are many kinds of stars, all of them are beautiful and each one of them has a special shine. Each person is a star, their souls are stars. Sometimes life with it´s go round and round don´t let us shine as much as we can. Nevertheless, when a good soul is gone, there is no other posible place for it to be than the sky, is right there were it can shine more than ever.

Dindon never stopped thinking about his grandpa, and did not stop missing him either, but the truth was that every night when he saw that particular star that shines like no other, his sadness gets mixed up with a bit of joy. He began to comprehend something that wasn´t easy , and he was doing so in the best possible way, and that is through love.

The End
When do stars shine the most? Literatura infantil y juvenil, cuentos que no pasan de moda. Lecturas para niños de primaria. Historias para aprender leyendo.

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