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The Shy Star. Cuentos infantiles en inglés

Cuentos infantiles en inglés. Historias en inglés.

Look up, look up, very high in the sky there is a Star, but not a normal one.

Look up, look up. Can you see her? She is there! I know she is.

But… wait, you might no see her, because this star is extremely shy and she is always hiding behind a cloud in the sky.

That little star spends the nights behind that cloud, observing how the seasons come and go, watching birds travelling North and listening to fathers who sing lullabies to their daughters or sons.

But you know what? This star has a special power that no other has. With this power our star can heal any heart, any wound, any scar.

However, this star is really afraid. She does not believe in herself. At first, the star did not know how to use her gift; she could not even stop a monster with it.

‘What if I do something wrong?’ Said the star.
‘What if my brothers and sisters make fun of me?’
‘What if…?’
‘What if…?’
‘What if…?’

All those questions did not let the let the star to be happy; did not let her power to be shown to the world.

But one night, the star heard a little girl asking for help. The girl was sitting in a window, looking at the stars with tears in her eyes:

‘I wish my father to be here’.
‘I wish he is safe and sound’.
‘I wish he could sing to me, to keep the nightmares away’.

At once, in a distant country, where the constellations have the names of strange animals and the crops are as dry as sand, her father was fighting in a war to free people who were suffering. And every single thought was for his little daughter:

‘I wish I could be with my little girl’
‘I wish she could dream well’
‘I wish she could hear how every night I sing for her’

The star was able to hear both of them. She could see how much they missed each other, and especially, she could feel how much they loved each other.

That love made the star feels strong enough to show her power to the world.

She might is not able to make a wish come true or to stop the monsters in the night.

But she can make you dream. More exactly, dream of what you wish.

So when the girl went to sleep, the star pushed away the cloud that kept her hidden from the people and went down until the girl’s bedroom window.

The star began to shine; spreading her magic in the bedroom, so the girl could have a lovely dream.

That night the girl dreamed that her father was beside her bed, telling her a fairytale.

She dreamed that her father, kissed her forehead and sang her a lullaby to keep the nightmares away.

After that, the star travelled where the girl’s father was, to make him dream of his little girl.
He dreamed that he was beside her daughter’s bed, telling her a fairytale, kissing her forehead and singing her a lullaby so she did not have a nightmare.

So this was how, father and daughter were together in the distance, joined in the same dream.

Some time later, the girl’s father came back home. They were so happy to be together!

‘No matter where I am’ said her father.
‘No matter where you are’
‘We will always have our dreams to escape from the dark’

So if you feel bad, look up at the sky, look up right now, and you will see a cloud.

Can you see it? Yes, you can! Yes, there it is!

So do not be sad, because you know now that behind that cloud, there will always be a shy star, looking after your dreams, every night.

The End
Todos los derechos reservados por Rocío Cumplido González

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