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The fairy of the birds

The fairy of the birds. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Cuentos infantiles en inglés.

- Where do we birds come form? –ask a little sparrow to a tall spruce–

- But don´t you know it? you are a bird

- No, I can´t remember ... all I know is that I had the urge to fly ... to fly without stopping.

- Where do birds come from? –asked the tall sprouce to the wind–.

- They come from the clouds ... at least I think so.

- Where do birds come from? –asked the wind to the clouds–.

- They come from the mountains ... at least we think so. T

hen the wind began a long journey to the highest mountains, and there he asked : Where do birds come from? For all I know is that birds cannot remember it and they do not come from the trees, or the clouds and neither from me. -

Ah! –sigh the mountains– the birds come from far far away, from another world, one that only exists in the mind of a beautiful fairy named Liana.

- Please tell me mountains the legend of this fairy! And so, the mountains began their story :

I t happened many eras ago, when time didn´t exist yet, away, in a secret temple of ancient gods now forgotten there was a king named Onir and he was feeling deeply lonely, he longed for a doughter, a little princess who would enhireted the kingdom. One night the king couldn´t resist anymore and went to the temple to ask for a miracle, in exchange he would give everything he ever had if only the gods granted him his little one.

That night the ancient gods had a gathering, they knew the king was a good and honorable man and they decided to grant his wish. So the gods travelled among the stars and behind the moon and they came back with a little girl with cristaline smile and blue eyes and the king named her Liana, the little girl was the sun of the palace, she was protected by all the gods and blessed by all the constelations. For long years she made her father happy.

But one day it ocurred the king Onir was walking carelessly without watching were his feet were taking him, and he fell, fell into the nothingness , and when the gods realized about that, they didn´t let him died, they turned him into huge oceans, green fields, thick woods, hot deserts, lonely islands, great ice lands, exuberant jungles, the highest mountains and the bluest of the skies. When the princess Liana heard what happened she begged the gods to take her father backto the palace, but the gods could not do such thing, because the king had fallen in the nothingness and they could not retuned him safely.

Then the princess went back to the palace and thinking she was a very gifted fairy she had to do something to contact her father. And so Liana the fairy began to imagine all sort of beautiful and delicated creatures that travel to sing to her father like only she knew how to do it.

The fairy princess only had to create in her mind those georgeous colors and elegant shapes and from her mind and her eyes would come out this lovely creatures and she named them all, there were sparrows, larks, chaffinches, doves, seagulls, swans, cranes, canaries, goldfinches, pelicans, quetzals, toucans, pheasants, eagles, a phoenix and hundreds maybe thousands more, and when they came out from Liana´s mind into the real world, she thought them songs to please her father

–fly away!– said the princess, down to the earth, everywhere, don´t let a single space without flyaing through, caress the air, the skies, the water and the earth all around, tell my father the king Onir that his doughther always thinks about him that the beating of your wings are my caresses on his face, fly, fly away from me, close to him and he will be your home and a part of me shall remain forever by his side.

- That is how the birds have been born my dear wind –said the mountains– I am the earth, I once was the king Onir, and now I am the home of the sweet thoughts of my little girl, Liana the fairy, the fairy of all the birds, the fairy that has not forgotten about me ... now that you know the story my dear wind, I would like to ask you for a favour.

- what ever you order my Lord.

- Fly away, high away where only you can reach, become a fleeting bird, a bird of intrepid gusts and go to the palace, over the forgotten temple and give my little girl a kiss on her cheek, and tell her ... that her father, the earth, alwas remembers her among the stars. And if on your way back you find a bird please tell it how it was created.

Since that day the wind escorts the birds on their long journey telling them the legend of their master, Liana the fairy and how they are winged messengers of a love that is so pure and real that not even the sands of time can bury.

The end

The fairy of the birds. Literatura infantil y juvenil, cuentos que no pasan de moda. Lecturas para niños de primaria. Historias para aprender leyendo.

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