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The dream catcher and the star maker. Writter from Mexico. Story about dreams and stars.
“Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds, there´s a place where dreams are born”.
Beyond the very last horizon, where light becomes an endless waterfall and bathes it all, there´s a place called Mizar, wich is the home of  a gorgeous angel named Illumine, and she spends her nights and days keeping safe the dreams of every living creature.
Everything in Mizar is made out of dreams, everything you have imagine, every single color, or scenery, every sound and word lays in this place.
All the muses men know dwell in there, and they all play with the dreams children have, and the muses also dream the dreams men will become true.
In Mizar everyone knows and loves Illumine, the angel of dreams, but they call her “dream catcher” because whenever somebody has a bad dream, one of those full of fear or sadness, Illumine catches them in the air, and takes them to an ancient sea called Akilá, in whose pure cristaline purple waters those obscure dreams get cleaned and become the silvery sand that covers the seashore. But this is not the only task the dream catcher performs; she also flies everynight through all worlds to inspire peaceful dreams and ease our hearts and minds. So every night in our dreams, we all travell to Mizar and we all make this place grow bigger, higher and brighter ...
“Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds there´s a place you´ve never been, but it´s the place your heart was made in”.
Over the highest mountain of Mizar a magnificent castle rises up, and in its tower dwells another powerful angel named Vermalion, this angel is also a magician, an alchemist and an artist, everything Vermalion touches becomes a great work of art.
Among endless rows of books, and hundreds of jars that contain all sort of colorful potions, scents, rocks and things you would only see in your most eccentric fantasies you´ll find the great Vermalion working on a new project; but the main thing this angel loves doing is to make stars ... it is a very laborious work, but once its done the results are truly outstanding ... ... Aries, the Hiadas, Aldebaran, Taurous ... does any of those names ring a bell? All of those constellations and more, many more were made by the great Vermalion, better known as  “the star maker” he is the one who lighted up the night sky... well, not only ours, but every single sky wherever there is one.
“Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds there´s an angel who´d never let you to get lost”.
Life elapsed peaceful and happy in Mizar, with everyone doing their best to inspire the human mind with things of beauty and all that is good, creative and pure, but one day a deafening thunder shook the ground in Mizar, nothing like that ever happened, and the muses, the fairies, the goblins, the elfs, the angels, and all the creatures we believe are just imaginary gathered around Vermalion´s castle traying to discovered what was the noise they just heard.
And right before everyone´s eyes, standing on a corner of the castle they found a little boy staring at them with great curiosity.
- Welcome to Mizar! –said everyone–
- Where am I?
- This is the place where all dreams are born –said the dream catcher–
- Am I sleeping?
- Yes you are ... and at the same time you´re not
- I don´t understand
- You are dreaming my little boy –said the star maker– but not everyone can dream all their way to here ... you´ve got a strong spirit ... and an eager mind.
- Are you an angel?
- Yes, I am, my name is Vermalion ... and your name is Orion, isn´t it?
- How do you know that!?
- I can see it written on your eyes, and you came all the way here looking for answers ... am I right little Orion?
- ... yes ...
Vermalion, Illumine and Orion began to walk along the seashore contemplating the twelve stunning full moons on Mizar´s sky as they felt the warm purple waves bathing their feet.
- What has brought you here little boy? –asked Illumine–
- I´m too curious ... at least that´s what my mom says ... you see, about a year ago I tried to count all the stars ... because I thought it would be easy, but then I noticed that every day there are more and more stars, so i read lots of books and I found out that there are hundreds of millions of them ... and that is just in our galaxy! And only God knows how many galaxies are out there! But then I realize that I didn´t know where do stars come from ... so I looked, and I looked, and I read, and I searched, and I asked ... and everyone said stars are rocks made of minerals and ice ... and other stuff... but that doesn´t make much sense to me ... are stars really just a bunch of burning rocks floating in the outer space?
- I can see how curious you are little Orion ... and its an attitude that will take you to places you´ve never imagine, your creativity and imagination have brought you here, and I promise you you will get the answer you´ve been seeking for, but first let me show you a secret.
Then the two angels began to show the little boy the world of Mizar, they showed him the great red sparkling mountains of Igne wich were made with the thoughts of love from  those who have departed from the world, because love never dies, it never fades away, it is endless,  love keeps on growing ... just like those red mountains that get higher every time somebody thinks about those who love.
Then the new found friends walked their way to the valley of Telesmi where all the cretures the human mind have imagine live; all the fairies, unicorns, mermaids and all the imaginary friends we use to have live in there all sort of adventures, because it is our courage and our strenght that give them the spark of life.
“Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds there´s a proof love and life keeps growing strong”.
After taking a good look to Mizar´s beauty Orion noticed something peculiar, it seemed the more they walked the more landscapes and roads appeared.
- This place is endless! Just like the stars!
- Endless ... indeed –said the dream catcher– and this much beauty is your made my little boy.
- How can that be possible?
- You wanted to know where do stars come from –said Vermalion– and this is the answer! Every time all humans dream and think about beautiful things, Illumine, the dream catcher, takes those bright, colorful, peaceful and joyful dreams to me and I shape those thoughts and I brighten them up and I place them in the outer space so every human being can take a look at what they want to do, and when a dream has become true, it becomes a falling star ... and when somebody sees it and asks for a wish another star is born.
- Wow! So, that means stars are made of dreams!
- That´s correct my little boy, and they burn because they are made with all the passion of life, and all the love of those who dreamed of something good, and our beloved home, Mizar, grows bigger thanks to all those spirits like yours, full of life, creativity and faith. So this is why stars are endless.
- But is it true what many people say about dreams?
- What do they say my little boy?
- That dreams are useless and silly
- Your heart allready knows the answer ...
“Somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds there´s someone lighting up the sky so you can smile”.
All of a sudden the little Orion woke up, and knew his trip had not being just a dream, now he had the certainty to know there are no such things as silly or impossible dreams, and that there was no reason to ever feel lonely or lost, because we just have to look up to the sky to see our stars shining, smiling down at us showing us the right way to make our every dream real.
Orion knew that somewhere beyond stars, somewhere between worlds there´s a place where dwells the dream catcher and the star maker, looking after all those souls who are not afraight to call themselves dreamers.
The end
I would like to dedicate this story to the people who inspire it, Liana Castello and Marcelo Vallejos ... the real dream catcher and the star maker ... thank you  both for makig lots of dreams real
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