Mario, Donkey Cuco and The Mango Tree

Mario, Donkey Cuco and The Mango Tree. Cuentos en inglés. Historia en inglés.

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Once upon a time there was this little man who lived in a very small town located in the mountains, he owned a beautiful donkey named Cuco. This man used to cross a long lonely way through the mountains every day to the city to sell his mangoes that he picked up every day from the trees around his house. That man whose name was Mario, woke up everyday very early in the morning to load his cute donkey with two loads of mangoes. One day after he loaded Cuco both of them were walking around the green and lonely path where big trees grew tall. On the way to the market, it was dark in the forest and cold and it was a little foggy so they couldn’t see very well.
When Mario and Cuco were in the middle of the way, Mario heard a voice that said “Mario”
He got scared because he knew that there was nobody around that area, and he continued to walk. A few seconds shortly, he heard again “Mario” and then he got really afraid and started to walk faster. About two hours later they were getting out of the forest and arriving to the city, were they went to the market to sell the mangoes. That day Lorenzo, the man who used to buy the mangoes talked to Mario:

– Mario the people say the mango trees are getting sick deep in the forest, because of a disease. This disease destroys the mangoes and they are no longer good to eat anymore.
Mario replied
-But Lorenzo my mangoes are ok, they are nice, clean and healthy
-I Know – Lorenzo said- its still early for that disease, but when the mangoes start to decay don’t expect me to buy them anymore.
Mario turned nervous, because his finances depended on those mangoes
-Ok, Lorenzo -he said- but this disease takes around three years to spoil the mangoes down.
-Yes, around three years, so within three years I cannot buy your mangoes anymore ok?
-Ok -Mario agreed.
On the way back to the small town Mario was gloomy because his only job was to sell the mangoes that he used to pick up every day. And he thought what was going to happen to him when no longer he could get his mangoes because they are all rotten?

When he was back in the middle of the way he heard his name being mentioned  “Mario” And he scared himself again and started to walk faster on the way home. When they finally arrived to the small town they were tired and frightened and Mario was wondering who wanted to scare him by calling his name in the middle of the way? He gave water and fed Cuco who was very tired and frightened also.
The next day on the way back to the market, Mario was called again “Mario” When he continued to walk pretending nothing was going on, he heard: “Mario will you never pay attention to me? I’m talking to you” -The voice said-
Mario stopped right on the spot and he finally replied:
-But who are you? I can’t see you.
And the voice said:
-How come you can’t see me? Am I not big enough to be seen? It is me Mario, The big tree, here in front of you.
Mario raised his sight to the big trunk, he was astonished, he never imagined that a tree was able to talk.
The tree talked again.
-Mario I have seen you for years coming through the wild with your little donkey on the way to the city to sell your mangoes in the market and I know that you and Cuco work really hard and I know that you are a good man. That’s for today I am going to ask you for a favor  -the tree said.
-What do you want me to do? -Mario asked-
The tree said
-Mario grab your machete and cut a fine branch of me, when you get home, grow that branch together with a nice and healthy seed of mango, take care of it, water it everyday and I will talk to you again within three years. Mario didn’t say anything; he grabbed the machete and started to climb the tree. When he finally finished, he went down laid the branch on a donkey’s back and started to walk home. In the afternoon, when he arrived to his house located nearby the river, he opened a hole on the ground. Found a healthy mango seed, tied them together and covered them with soil, after he watered it. He gave Cuco his food and went to his bed to rest.

The next morning before going on the way to the city Mario watered the seed and left with his cargo. When he was crossing the proximity where the tree lived he was expecting the plant to call him, but nothing happened, a few months later when the summer arrived and the sun light penetrated into the forest, Mario could see very clearly that the tree was brown and the leaves were all on the floor and Mario understood that the tree was dead. He was sad because he had the hope to talk to that tree again but it was too late now. But Mario continued watering and taking care of the new branch that now was growing and turning green and strong but it still was a small plant.
The months passed by and with them the years and one day when Mario arrived to the market with Cuco Lorenzo talked to him:

Mario This is the last load of Mangoes that I accept from you. Three years have already passed and the mangoes are coming out sick and decayed and I can’t re-sell the mangoes like that. I’m sorry

Mario was devastated and worried. What was he going to do now, the only way he had to make his living was the sale of the mangoes and now this. He didn’t have any more mangoes to sell because all of them were sick and spoiled. He saw Cuco and said to him.
-Lets go home this is the end of our job.

Mario returned home by crossing the wild. When he got back to the small town he fed Cuco and went to bed to get some sleep and to think about a new job, because he no longer could continue selling the mangoes to Lorenzo. When he was falling asleep he heard like if someone was calling him
“Mario”… he thought that he was dreaming and started to sleep back, “Mario”…he heard again and then he realized that he was actually being called with that sort of familiar voice. He jumped out from bed and went to the window to see who was calling his name and as soon as Mario stuck his head through the window he saw a gigantic and strong plant with thousands of nice big and healthy mangoes hanging from its branches. Mario was spellbound to understand that the small tree that he grew three years ago was now a colossal and spectacular tree.
-This is a miracle! -He said- it can’t be possible!
-Yes Mario it can, this is Me. your friend from the forest. I promised you I was going to talk to you in three years and here I am. You grew me up, you took care of me and watered me everyday, you saved my life and now I’m here to help you out. To give you all the healthy mangoes you need.
Mario ran out from his house and brought Cuco for him to see the big three. Cuco was so happy to know that they were going to work again selling the mangoes in the market
Both of them stood in front of the big plant with their hearts full of happiness. Receiving back the favor they had done before one time.


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