Halloween night

Halloween Night. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poema de Halloween en idioma inglés. Ilustración de Elizabeth Segoviano.

Comeone comeone! I summon you all!

In this magical night of windy fall!

Little monsters, witches, hollow ghosts and freaky freaks!

Come out! don´t hide, wake up from your sleep!

Our time has come to rule the world! … well at least for one night, but one night

is enough to run wild and free gathering candy, and playing pranks and tricks.

Because is halloween night! The best one of the year.

Who needs christmas or easter! If we can be any fantastic or creepy creature

we want to be!

Comeone comeone! I summon you all!

From all dark corners of the world.

Little monsters, witches, hollow ghosts  and freaky freaks, to unleash our powers

and going door to door asking for trick or treat.

Is halloween night! There´s no time to sleep!

The full moon is howling, the wind is calling, and darkness is falling at our feet.

So lets feast little freaks!

Because when dawn strikes there won´t be more time to dress up and be

freaky, silly or totally free.

There won´t be more trick or treat.

Is halloween night my dears!

Lets scream and scare.

Lets be wicked, noughty, restless and free.

Because there´s no other night like the all hollow´s eve.

The end
Elizabeth Segoviano © copyright 2012 all rights reserved
Halloween night. Lecturas para niños de primaria. Historias para aprender. Literatura infantil y juvenil, cuentos que no pasan de moda.

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