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This is the story of how teddy bears were made … and I´m sure it most be real, because my teddy bear told it to me the very first time I held it on a stormy night …

Many moons ago, way up high in heaven, God gathered all of his angels. And he told them their job was to look after human beings, to love them, to protect them, and to enlighten them .
Since that day every single angel had swore to do their very best … and so they did! But among all those angels there was Aldebaran, who was told to look after all children.
As you can imagine, that was a very important and enormous job! So our angel spent several nights thinking how could he acomplish his goal.
Aldebaran knew that children were highly important, that was the reason why God had created moms –who are the most important, sweet, intelligent, beautiful and powerful angels of all– but hey! Even moms need help! That´s why God had also created dads –who are the funniest, strongest, cliver … and messy angels of all!– but hey! Even dads need help! Thats why God had created grandparents, and siblings, uncles and aunts … and even teachers! And puppies! But that wasn´t enough, because children are the most precious treasure of all, and they needed more guardians … twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
Our Angel knew  that he needed help, because even though he could fly faster than speed light, there was no way he could be with all children at all time, he needed a good guard, somebody sweet, strong, courageous, funny, friendly, kind, smart … someone who could be every kid´s confident, somebody who could keep the angel informed of what was going on with children; and, more important, somebody who could love those kids as much as Aldebaran does.
So, our angel travelled through all stars and constelations, through the whole galaxy and  every corner of heaven traying to find the answer he needed; but it wasn´t until Aldebaran went to earth that he came up with a brilliant idea. He noticed that children used to sleep holding on to their blankets or to a pillow, that really help them to sleep peacefuly, but during day time they couldn´t go carrying such things, so the angel went back to heaven and he collected the softest fabrics and he began to  sew several pieces. When he finally finished he had on his hands the very first teddy bear ever! That was the answer! A teddy bear could look after kids at all times, they could carry them everywhere, and, at night, the teddy could protect their dreams, and keep their secrets safe, and tell Aldebaran if a kid needed extra help.
That night Aldebaran sew and sew millions of teddys, one for each kid so they could have a piece of him with them always,  a little guardian who could help them to face their fears, a truthful companion to live all sort of adventures with; and, a loving friend who could  give kids endless amounts of hughs.
So, now  that you know  how  teddy bears were made, I´m sure you will  love your teddy even more, because now you know  that they were made by an angel who loves you all as much as your parents does.

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