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Por Elizabeth Segoviano. Cuentos infantiles en inglés

Fairy wings (Alas de hada) es un cuento infantil en inglés de Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Cuentos de hadas. Cuentos infantiles en inglés.

Fairy wings

In loving memory of Oliver Herrer

Fairy wings (Alas de hada) - Cuentos en inglés

Beyond where your eyes can see ... over there, between constelations that doesn't have a name yet, there is and always has been the world of fairies.

Visible only to those who know how to see further away from reality.

That, was the happy home of a fairy named Liberyth, she was very joyful, naughty and curious. She wanted to investigate and explore everything around her.

Liberyth became friend with all the unicorns, she tamed more than one dragon, she met the wisest elves and the most playful go blins. But one particulary dark night when there was no moon shinning in the sky, Liberyth saw a dazzling light crossing the world of the fairies, and she wanted to follow it.

The fairy began to fly behind the beautiful light begging it to stop, because she had a thousand questions to ask, but that light was a shooting star and it had no time to stop and chat or play, because shooting stars most go every where, to make wishes real.

So when Liberyth tried to chase the star, her wings began to tear apart, and fell on earth like a fine dust that made the fireflies glow. Along with the dust also fell Liberyth a very joyful, naughty, curious, and reckless fairy who now didn't have wings, and without them she would never be able to return home.

Liberyth found herself in a world without twelve moons in the sky, without colorful water, a world with no unicorns that take her wherever she wanted to, a world without dragons who defended her, a place with no wise elves who adviced her, a place without flowers full of sunlight to sleep inside of them ... and then Liberyth got scared, she wsa lost, hurt, tired and completely alone. She lain against a rock and closed her eyes traying to hold back her tears.

When suddenly, a peculiar sound that she never heard before made her look up.

- Coo, coo... coo, coo?

Right in front of the fairy there was a beautiful fluffy white dove who was watching her with lots of curiosity.

- excuseme? –said Liberyth– plese, speak slowly.

- Coo, are you a fairy? coo, coo?

- That's right

- And ... coo, what are you doing here? Coo, coo?

- I was following a shooting star ... my wings got torn ... I fell ..

- Coo ... you can't go home? Coo, coo?

- No, I can't, not without my wings.

- Coo, you can't stay here, coo, coo, a cat could bite you, or humans could grab you and lock you in a tiny cage so you sing all day long for them ... coo, coo ... you better come with me ... coo, coo, come on! Jump on my back, I will take you to the old bell tower where I live ... coo, coo, is nice and cosy, and you can see all the city ... coo, coo.

The fairy, feeling grateful climbed on the dove and they flew all over the sky of that huge city, passing skyscrapers, turning to the right, then to the left as fast as the wind, until they finaly arrived to an old abandoned church. The dove placed gently the fairy on her nest, where she gave her to drink a few raindops and some crumbs she had kept for dinner.

After such a long day, the fairy was exhausted and she snuggled under the dove's wings to sleep peacefuly.

But the dove wasn't sleeping, she was worried about the fairy, because she knew that a fairy without wings could not live for too long on earth, and she also knew fairies were really important for children, because they create their dreams and choose the guardian angels who protect them.

So the dove made a decition, and she began to pull out all of her feathers ... each single one! But with them she made a pair of wings for the fairy. By dawn the dove was already traying them on Liberyth.

- What have you done little dove?

- Coo, coo ... a fairy is more important than a dove ... coo, coo, you most return home ... coo, coo

- But without feathers you can't fly ... is winter, you will not survive!

- I will live –said the dove– through you ... coo, coo ... I will be your wings, that way I will be forever by your side ... coo, coo, you will remember me and I will never die, you will be part dove and I will be part fairy, and I will never leave you ... coo, coo.

The fairy, deeply touched by such amazing act of kindness, could only promise the dove that she would be the best fairy of all, that she would always protect children, and that her story would be told by the wise elves.

Frozen drafts of wind began to blow inside the bell tower, the cold was intense, and the dove was slowly falling asleep, she gave Liberyth one last sweet look and she closed her eyes, the fairy began to cry over the dove and in that moment, a soft ray of light surrounded the dove, that light was

Lebenryth, the wisest and most powerful elf of all.

- We most go home Liberyth, we need you

- Lebenryth! –cried the fairy– the little dove!

- I have seen the incredible sacrifice she made for you, and I will take her to our world among the stars, in there she will become a fairy and her story will be written in our sacred books, a fair reward for giving you her wings.

Since that day the bird is known as Dovenryth, the fairy of life, the courageous fairy that won her wings by saving a fairy's life.

The end.

Copyright © Elizabeth Segoviano 2013 All rights reserved.

Cuentos infantiles en inglés. Lecturas para niños de primaria. Historias para aprender. Literatura infantil y juvenil, cuentos que no pasan de moda.

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