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Coloured Glasses - Cuentos en Ingles de Maria de Roman Arenas
Linux Pardinux was the best counselor Mariana could ask for (regarding issues of vision). As a good lynx he was really sensible and shrewd. He had an analytical eye and wanted to help Mariana making the best choice possible.
—My friend Linux, I feel I cannot see properly. I have blurred vision. What do you recommend me to do?
—Mariana it is quite possible that you have presbyopia because you spend long hours weaving at
home, making your wonderful creations of fashion, so you have probably lost some vision. But don ́t worry; it is not a big deal. Here I have a selection of the most modern glasses on the market that will highlight your personality. You can try them all if you want to; but you should bear in mind that with every pair of glasses your worldview can change significantly.
—OK. I'll start with the pinkglasses.
When Mariana tried those glasses on she saw everything in pink. It was great to see things like that! You can see the sun shine, the fields full of flowers and fruits, quiet places and peaceful cities. There was no traffic, no noise and no pollution. Everything was quiet.
People ́s faces were smiling and seemed no worried.
People were incredibly nice and friendly. Everyone was polite. No one was poor, and no one was rich. They learnt to share and help each other. Love, affection and understanding were present in the environment.
Everything worked perfectly. There was always a successful solution for everything. Everything was perfect!
—It is too good to be true. Isn’t it?—Mariana said. I know the world is rosy, but this order and perfection does not seem so real.
—Why don ́t you try with the black glasses now?—asked Linux.
As you can imagine, when she looked through those glasses, she saw everything in black. As soon as she put them on, a strange feeling came over her and started to shiver. DARKNESS. The city looked dirty and dark. The trees were dry, the fields were barren. Traffic; large masses of people here and there; angry faces; people screaming and crying; stressed people. Poverty; thieves; violence; no equality... All those negative feelings and a single answer for everything: NO. Disorder, no control, chaos!
She removed her glasses quickly and she almost threw them to the ground.
—I don ́t want to see all that black stuff anymore! I need to see the light!
So, thinking about this new concept of light, Linux suggested her to try with the yellow glasses.
She tried them on, but the light was so strong and dazzled that she got blind and did not see where to go. On this occasion she had to took those glasses off very quickly again.
—I think that this time, the green glasses will be your best choice —suggested Linux.
With those glasses Mariana saw hope. It is not that things are better or worse, not that solutions are found easily, not that everything worked perfectly, but she saw hope. And if there is hope then it means that your dreams can become true and can be done, and there are goals that can be achieved. Hope means opportunity. However, Mariana was not entirely convinced. It was something weird.
—Mariana, what's wrong? Still not convinced?
—Linux asked. He didn ́t miss anything with his lynx way of looking.
—After being trying many glasses, I think the green glasses are those that I like the most. However,
things look too much prettier and wonderful with these glasses. On the contrary, you cannot see a glimmer of hope with black glasses. I want to see things as they are, since the very beginning. I've noticed that thingsare not green or pink, or white or black. I don ́t want to be disappointed in time. Now, Iknow what I want, friend Linux; I want transparent glasses, because I know just seeing
the reality, I can change it.
—That ́s a perfect choice, my friend. But besides transparent glasses, I think you're going to need some good sunglasses if you want to come with me to the beach...

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