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A promise it's a promise

A promise it's a promise. Elizabeth Segoviano, written from Mexico. Story about an elf. Stories in english.

This is the story of a little elf named Jim, who despite being kind, joyful and playful began to ran out of friends. Not even the sun wanted to look at him! And that was because Jim loved to make promises anytime anywhere, he used to give his word away over here, over there and just everywhere.

It ocurred one day that there was going to be a huge party in the woods to celebrate the birthday of the great oaks. They were going to be three hundred years old! And the whole woods along with all it´s creatures (the magical ones, and the ones who are not) were getting organized for the big celebration.

Among all the racket it standed out Jim´s voice. And he inmediately began to promise that he would be the first one to get there to decorate the whole place, and that he would also bake the cake, and he promised that after the party he would get everything cleaned up and he would wash all the dishes, he even promised he was going to dance at least one time with all the little elves.

All the dwellers of the woods were surprised to hear that, and taking the elf´s word they were very certain that the party would be outstanding and fun.

The great day of the event had finally come, but when all the guests arrived they were enormously disappointed because the forest looked like it always does, there were no garlands of flowers, or colorful streamers, there were no bright lights or table clothings, there was not a single decoration, everthing was in complete silence, and the distinguished guests looked all sad with their leafs down because they really were expecting a big party to celebrate they had been the founders of the woods.

So everybody else from little fireflies to fairies, to the trolls and squirrels began to work in a hurry to decorate the place. But later they noticed they didn´t even have the birhtday cake to celebrate, and we all know that a birthday without a cake with little candles on top is really sad, because we are supposed to make a wish that will become true. And without a cake and without candles the great oaks could not make their wish, so their leaves became even more down.

Everyone were sad because to bake such a big cake was not a quick and easy thing to do, and it would take them all evening. When the little elves arrived dressed up in their fragrant dresses made out of petals they noticed there was no music, and everybody were looking anoyed and sad, but most of all, they noticed that Jim the elf wasn´t anywhere around. And the little elves that were very illusioned to dance with him also felt terribly sad and upset.

The great oaks could not stand that situation anymore and they began to cry because the party wasn´t cheerful or fun and everyone had large faces, and something deep within the woods began to shake, it began to crack, it sounded like a bunch of cookies braking in half ... and, indeed, something had broken in half ... IT WAS THE HEART OF THE WOODS! ...

When Jim heard that thunderous noise he woke up from the nap he was taking inside the sweet petals of a tulip and he ran out to see what was going on, and when he got to the woods he noticed all the trees were split in to two, and all the fairies, elfs, trolls, the birds and everybody else were angry and noboy wanted to talk to him. “I`M SO SORRY! I´M SO SORRY!” –yelled Jim– but noone wanted to listen to him.

The heart of the woods was broken, and also the heart of his friends, because Jim had made a lot of promises but kept none. The thing is that Jim did not understand that making a promise was not just saying words. In a promise we deliver our trust, in a promise we give our soul away, we give our friendship and our affection, with a promise we say “I love you” “I care about you”. In a promise we also give our honor, we give our word, a promise it´s a promise! Is not just a thing! A promise is not a trinket! A promise is not something we can toss in to the garbage.

And Jim, the little elf could not understand that a promise that is not kept opens a wound in our heart, an empty promise slowly begins to brake our heart and little by ittle it leaves it dissapointed, empty, and sore. When Jim saw all the trouble he had caused he took a shamrock with four leaves out of his hat and rubbed it on his hands and then a beautiful rainbow appeared and the rainbow mended the broken heart of the woods and filled it with colors, and at the end of that magical rainbow instead of a pot with golden coins there was a huge birthday cake with three hundred little candles so the great oaks could make their wish, and along with the rainbow came the muses who inmediately began to play beautiful melodies and brought back the smile to every creature, and they had the party they so much wanted, because Jim, the little elf had promised it, and he also promised not to brake a promise ever again, because now he knew what they really meant. And so all the creatures of the woods spent the night dancing while Jim rolled up his sleaves because he had a lot of dishes to wash!

The end

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