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A hugh responsability. Cuentos infantiles en inglés

A hugh responsability. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Cuentos infantiles en inglés.

It is said that in order to solve problems, the first step is to admit you have one ... well my name is Dormouse (I know, but that is not my biggest problem) and I admit I´ve got a problem, the second step is to talk about it, so this is my story : Everything began when I was four years old and I watched on t.v. a show about dog competitions, of course I was fascinated by it, and I instantly asked my parents to buy me a puppy.

But my parents refused to do so, arguing we didn´t have enough space in our tiny flat. They also said I was too little to take the puppy out for a walk, and that they were just too bussy, and, of course the infamous phrase any parent that is proud to call them self parent uses “IT´S A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY”.

So I decided to ask for something smaller, like a kitten! But my parents answered me with the same old song adding that cats are not very good pets, because they´re too surly; then I lower my expectations and I ask them for a hamster, but my mom was so horrified with the simple thought of having a rodent in the house that she inmediately climbed up on a chair, held on tight to her skirt and started shouting “not a hamster!”.

I kept on traying and I beg them to let me have a pair of golden fish, I thought I ´d had them for sure, but my parents looked at me up and down and they said a very rotund NO! to wich I answered very indignant with a very good speech. I told my parents that fish did not occupied too much space, they didn´t need to be taken out, and that they didn´t eat a lot, and they were not messy or noisy, and that they were cute, and wouldn´t bite the forniture or wouldn´t scare the hell out at my mom. And their answer was this : “WELL THAT´S THE PROBLEM! FISH DON´T DO A THING! HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU HAVE SUCH BORING PETS???!!!”.

I most admit that I never expected that answer, and for being so original and cheat , my parents had won that battle ... but not war. Before such scenario I had no choice but to obey their orders ... or ... to play my last ace under my sleeve. That´s how my obsession with having pets began.

At first I just had a few ants under my window sill, but after several days more and more ants kept on comming until our whole flat became a giant anthill, and we had to move in to a hotel room while they fumigated our place, besides we were told that among those ants there were a bunch extremely dangerous african cannibal ants ... how did african cannibal ants got to my flat? That I still don´t know, but that should have been enough to realize that having pets wasn´t my thing ... oh but no! I was so stuborn and I thought I was gonna find a pet worth of me.

After that day everything began to go from bad to worse, because when I found a little mouse ... or what it seemed to be one, near the gutter, I grabbed it and sneaked it into my home, but as days went by the little mouse kept on growing and growing, and one day when I came back from school my parents began to look at me with furious eyes because they had to call the zookepers to take my mouse away, who was in fact, a kangaroo and he had broken my dad´s nose in three pieces with a really strong kick when he wanted to go inside my room.

I let some time passed by after my unfortunated incident, but I went back to my plan ... altough it was only for luck ... bad luck. I was walking down the park when I stumbled on a very peculiar guy with his pointy hear died in many colors, he was wearing sun glasses and leather pants with a torn t-shirt and a very stinky, and beaten up denim jacket and he was carrying on his right shoulder a very well kept electric guitar.

- Hey kid! –said the guy– could you keep my cat? I have to go on tour and I won´t be able to look after him, I would like him to have a home were he can be loved.

- Sure! –I said faster than a lighting– ... but he is just a cat, right? I mean is not a tiger cub or a lion cub or something weird, is he?

- No, he is just a common and ordinary kitten ah! his name is howl, he loves to listen to music and please make sure he drinks his milk ...

- Of course! –I said happily while I began to walk home to look after the cat–.

Since that guy told me the animal´s name I should have suspected something weird was going on, what kind of cat is called “howl”? I got home and very carefully I hid the cat, and when my parents went to sleep I let the cat loose in my room; the kitten was exploring for some time and when he got tired he climbed up on my computer´s monitor and fell deeply asleep , I could not stop staring at him, I was already dreaming that he would be my best friend for long years to come, and with that thought I went to bed; but exactly at two o´clock in the morning the cat let me know why he was called “howl”, he got on top of me and began his extense repertory of howls, he howled as if he was being tortured,

I never ever had heard a cat howling before, but there he was! So I held him in my arms to calm him down and I just made things worse and with every second his howlings were louder and high-pitched, then I thought he should be hungry so I ran to the kitchen to get some milk but right when I had the bottle in my hands my parents got up as they heard the crazy cat, and before they could interrogate me or I could defend myself, the cat howled in such a way that all the windows in the building shattered in hundred of pieces scaring the hell out all the neighbours and activating all the car alarms atracting hundreds of police officers to my house. I didn´t oppose any resistance when the army came to pick the cat up to send him to military training and use him as a confusing weapon.

I know I should have learn my lesson and stay still and peaceful ... and for a while I did! But one day at school they sent us to explore some caves and as I was climbing some rocks I found a little egg, I looked for it´s nest really hard but I couldn´t find it, so it was easy for me to take it home. I put it in a little box and for several days I kept it warm by using a lamp, weeks began to pass by and the egg was still the same, nevertheless I kept on looking after it, when I arrived from school I liked to tell it everything about my day, and I know it sounds silly, but I think the egg could hear me.

One afternoon the shell began to break and something came out from it ... only it wasn´t a bird, it had wings, but it looked like some kind of lizard; since I didn´t know what it was I went to the library and after several hours and dozens of books I came to the conclusion that my weird little fella was noting more and nothing less than an authentic and genuine dragon! It had a pair of very flexible wings, shinny hard scales, claws, fangs and a tale. And with time it seemed he was traying to spit fire.

I inmediately began to search for all the inormation I could get about dragons and I found out they love to keep all kinds of objects, specially if they are shiny and that they are obssesed with eating rocks , that I believe they use to help them to spit fire. As you can imagine I didn´t know what to do, on one side I knew I couldn´t take care of a dragon in my room, and, on the other side ... he was my friend! So I decided to look after him the best I could until I had no other choice but to tell my parents .

I gathered hundreds of rocks and I wrapped them up with tin foil, and I painted some others with metalic colors so my dragon, whom by the way I called Dorito could be entertained while I was on school. But after a few weeks Dorito noticed that those rocks were not a real treasure and one morning when the flat was alone Dorito thought it would be too easy to sneak in to my mom´s closet and swallow all of her jewelry , but that wasn´t it, his appetite also began to grow and the jam and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were not enough for him anymore, so he eat everything there was on the pantry and also the fridge ... he swallow the whole fridge! With the ice cubes and everything!

And he also eat a good chunk of the walls wich turn out to be made out from the exact rock Dorito needed to spit mouthfuls of fire ... Dorito had never done that before and he couldn´t crontol himself so he burnt down the flat. That day when I came out from my classes I saw the fire fighter´s truck rushing on the street I knew without any doubt they were going to my home. So scared as hell I ran towards home to find the fire fighters and my neighbours, they were completely astonished looking through the masive hole on the building walls as my dragon was sitting on the sofa to watch t.v. as we used to do every afternoon.

- Please somebody call the national guard! –shouted a lady–

- No! –said I from the top of my lungs

– Dorito is not bad! He is just a baby dragon! ...

When Dorito heard my voice he was so happy that he came out flaying so fast that he flipped the fire fighter´s truck over and he opened another two wholes on the building and also crushed my neighbour´s cars ... and he kind of burnt our eye brows a little bit. As you can imagine the whole city, including my parents were extremely mad at me and Dorito, and eventhough the dragon is still my friend now he lives on the university campus, where he can fly as much as he pleases and is watched by the best renowned cientists ... and me ... well I have to work every weekend selling the burgers Dorito cooks so we can pay for all the damages that he caused and very surely he will keep on causing. May my story becomes a lesson for all those kids who doesn´t want to listen to their parents advice, because having a pet is without a daubt a huge reponsibility!

It doesn´t matter if we are talking about a pair of golden fish, a cat or a doggie ... least of all a dragon that is barely beginning to be a dragon! My name is Dormouse, yes, I know ... but that is not my biggest problem, because I have a dragon by pet!

The end.
A hugh responsability. Literatura infantil y juvenil, cuentos que no pasan de moda. Lecturas para niños de primaria. Historias para aprender leyendo.

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