Christmas lights

Christmas Lights. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poesía de Navidad.

Christmas lights

Frozen wind brought the winter in

And with it the happiness and joy of the holiest day of all

All around the city little Christmas lights are shinning down on me

Like tiny stars smiling to the sky

Oh! Christmas lights keep blinking in the dark

Bring peace, joy and hope to our weary gloomy hearts

Renew our faith, our inocence and love


Oh! Cristmas lights give us hopeful dreams and the strenght to make them real

Light our souls, show us the right way to be the very best we can posibly be


Oh! Christmas lights bring in the snow

And the sweet smell of candies and egg nog

Hold on to the Christmas tree and set our spirits free

So we can smile, and laugh and play on a freezing bright Chistmas day.

The end

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